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About Company

5 Years

Open since 2012, we're digital natives with a pioneering approach to open-source development.

We are creative technologists. Hybrids of the digital world.

That means we're made up of both creative thinkers and tech geniuses. We have the curiosity to explore new ideas, and the experience to make them reality.

The end result could be a new and meaningful platform, a useful utility, or a content strategy, but above all it's a tool that'll help grow your brand.

We've been doing this since 2012 so we have proven experience and an extensive portfolio to match. MyTechWay Solutions is dedicated to innovation and is constantly evolving services to meet the needs of our clients. We know how important your online presence is in engaging customers, generating leads and closing sales for your business.

Process We Follow


Let us get to know you and your business to help scope out your project. Looking for guidance on some cool features? We're here to share our knowledge and keep things simple.


Ready for the fun part? We start with wireframes to get the structure right, then move into the visual designs to bring it all to life.


Code code code. This is the part where most of us get lost, but lucky for us our devs live for this. Hang tight, go-live is near!


D-day. Moment of truth. All our hard work has paid off and now you can claim a piece of the interwebz. We're pumped to show off your beautiful new site and hope you are too.