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Social Meadia Marketing

Market your business with digital strategy

Don’t just do social marketing – be actually social. And we are here to do exactly that.

Business owners know that real communication directly with clients is what increases a business’s potential exponentially. Social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. fuel your online growth. Despite this, most companies don’t keep SMM on their marketing radar.

At MyTechWay Solutions, we know how to engage your customers through social platforms. We make the most of interacting with your customers directly.

Business today thrive on finding customers through consistent marketing campaigns on diverse online channels. Social media helps expand these expansion efforts and gets you right customer most likely to buy your products. Experience our SMM services and watch the viral increment in your brand’s sales.

Being New Yorkers, We’re Born Awesome At Being Social

Brand Marketing

Brands are not mere websites. The right interaction delivers prospects into your shop. We interact, listen, engage and monitor your brand's every online move to keep the SMM strategy on track.

Account Management

All your social accounts are effectively managed by a dedicated social manager. Get access to all the posts and have full say in what you want to present and we will make sure it's just the way you want.

Viral Offers

Launch a new product or give new incredible offers to prospective customers exclusively on your social page. Get more traffic to your social campaigns when you give exclusive goodies to right people.


Engagement has many facets. Reputation is the final outcome. And we build your online reputation with first class support, prospect follow-up, complaint solving and many more methods to gain respect.

Drive Traffic

Engagement has to be followed by sales. Regular SMM leads quality traffic to your website. Social media traffic is more likely to shop around and stick longer since they are earned after constant engagement.

Supercharge SEO

An effective social strategy can supercharge your SEO campaign. Google ranking factors and Bing algorithms all account for social traffic that comes from genuine interaction with real people.


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